Our Distinctives

Our Distinctives
A 4-minute overview from Becky Shamess, FoundingHead of School.
CCA is a Family
A 1-minute message from Doug Pavey, Head of School.


Academic Excellence

Cornerstone students are challenged to be life-long learners developing sound intellect and analytical skills so they will be well prepared to lead in any field or endeavor to which they are called. Strong teaching both in content and life skills combined with our commitment to Christ creates a culture where students explore, develop, and steward their God-given talents and thrive academically. 

Biblical Worldview

Every teacher communicates a worldview - many times unknowingly. Cornerstone teachers are intentional in their instruction presenting all subjects from a biblical worldview. Believing in absolute truth, in right and wrong, Cornerstone teachers seek to engage students in God’s story as students learn that, no matter the subject, there is order and design in the world because there is a Designer behind it all. 

Authentic Community

Knowing each of our students has a unique story, we strive to form strong and authentic relationships as we build a culture that values others as image bearers who reflect God’s beauty and creative nature. We have the privilege of teaching a generation that is more connected – yet more isolated – than any that has come before and recognize that influence properly rendered cannot come through technology or in large groups but must be lived out day by day through life-on-life influence. 


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