Ages 3-5 Years Old

Early Education, where it all begins.

Early Education at Cornerstone focuses on the whole-child. We believe in the intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional development of each student. Purposeful play and rich learning experiences prepare your child for kindergarten.

Foundational truths, heart-centered instruction, and a nurturing environment which fosters positive relationships

Early Ed is a special beginning for your child’s education at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  Individual care and attention given to your child sets Cornerstone apart from other early learner programs.  Young children are taught foundational truths within a secure and nurturing community while fostering spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Scripture is the basis for teaching, training, and instilling a love for God and learning. Thus, Early Education begins the journey for young children to discover who God is and who He has created them to be in Christ.

What does a typical day look like?
  • Calendar: Foundational math components are introduced and learned during this time- days of the week, months, weather, patterning, counting, simple addition and subtraction, place value, etc.
  • Bible: Scripture memorization, Bible story, worship through song, and prayer time.
  • Snack: Two food groups are served daily and time is spent learning about healthy food choices and food groups.
  • Language and Literacy: Consists of letters, sounds, rhyming and various pre-reading skills.
  • Concepts: Students spend time learning about the world around them through exploration of shapes, colors, farm animals, community helpers, etc.
  • Science: Students are introduced to age-appropriate science concepts. Concepts are taught through observation and hands-on experiments.
  • Centers: Free choice time were students experience and engage in hands on, sensory rich, activities that support and build on the curriculum.
  • Large Motor: Students learn to run, jump, skip, hop, balance, etc. They learn how to manipulate their body in relation to the world around them.
  • Fine Motor: Students practice writing, coloring, painting, cutting, manipulating play-doh, stringing beads, etc.
  • Music and Movement: Students have opportunity to develop music skills through song and movement, introduction to instruments, rhythm, etc.
  • Technology: Students have the opportunity to visit the computer lab weekly. They are also exposed to technology within the classroom.
  •  Library: Weekly visit to the library where students are exposed to various types of literature.

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