Ages 3-5 Years Old

Early Education, where it all begins.

In Early Education at Cornerstone, we look at whole-child development. We focus on the intellectual, spiritual, social, & emotional growth for every child. Purposeful play and rich learning opportunities prepare your child for Kindergarten.

What does a typical day look like?

Foundational truths, heart-centered instruction, and a nurturing environment which fosters positive relationships

Beginning at the early education level, our commitment is to educate the total student, providing a nurturing, balanced, well-rounded educational experience and to help young men and women achieve their full potential in all facets of life. Cornerstone is a fully accredited, independent, non-denominational school in which biblical values and worldview are taught and practiced in every aspect of school life. We seek families who appreciate the benefit of a challenging, Christ-centered education.

  • Academic Excellence

  • Biblical Worldview

  • Authentic Community

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What does a typical day look like?
  • Arrival – daily duties and transition activity
  • Bible lesson – Biblical truth, prayer time, worship, scripture memory
  • Snack time – Snack time
  • Gym time – large motor activity which may include playing with balls, tricycles, tunnels, hula hoops
  • Calendar – months, days of the week, counting, patterning, weather, seasons, and a review of concept areas
  • Concepts – phonics, pre-writing skills, math, field trips, guest speakers, seasons, holidays, senses, colors, shapes, counting, transportation, animals, food, etc.
  • Library – librarian introduces students to books (fiction and non-fiction) rich with vocabulary.
  • Centers – 5 or 6 options each day. May include home living, blocks, creative art, puzzles, small manipulatives, magnets, reading, cars, trains, playdough, paint, or other manipulatives
  • Minds-in-Motion – a series of activities done daily to promote movement and brain development
  • Music – curriculum encourages students to enjoy the art, rhythm, and beauty of music in a variety of forms
  • Technology – students have access to our computer lab and visit on a weekly basis

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